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The Purchase Technique Of The Pressure Free Solar Water Heater

Non-pressurized solar water heaters convert solar energy into heat, heating water from low temperatures to high temperatures to meet people's demand for hot water. Pressure-free Solar water heaters can be divided into two types of vacuum tube-type peace plate, the vacuum tube type needs to be installed on the roof, and the flat plate can be installed outside the commercial housing balcony.

The two work in the same principle: sunlight through the heat-absorbing tube of the first layer of glass to the second layer of the black absorption layer of glass, will be absorbed by sunlight, Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater because the two layers of glass is a vacuum heat insulation, heat can not be spread out, can only be passed to the glass tube water, so that the water in the tube heated. After the heat is heated along the glass tube to enter the heat storage bucket, barrels of relatively low temperature water along the glass tube back smooth into the glass tube to supplement, so constant circulation, so that the heat preservation tank water heating, Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater so as to achieve the purpose of hot water.

The advantages of solar water heaters without pressure: environmental protection and energy-saving, sunny with hot water does not cost a penny, temperature stability, long service life, no leakage, Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater leakage and other conditions, safety;

Non-pressure solar water heaters applicable crowd: Although the pressure-free solar water heater initial investment, but the use of very low cost, especially the long sunshine time, the intensity of the area, with hot water does not cost a penny. Because there is no use of gas and electricity, Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater so there will be no gas poisoning or leakage, such as the use of safety. Products are not only suitable for rural housing and villas, even commercial housing can be installed.

Part2: Mastering the pressure-free solar water heater purchasing skills

I. Choose brand and After-sale service

To choose the professional production of pressure-free solar water heaters manufacturers of products, the best quality brand, so as to have excellent product quality and excellent after-sale service system and commitment.

Second, see the quality of vacuum tube

Vacuum tube is the key part of water heater, the same external conditions of the vacuum tube to get the amount of heat, directly affect the water temperature. When you choose to carefully observe the vacuum tube on the glass tube coating, its color is generally black, Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater dark blue or dark gray, good quality coating color uniformity, no scratches on the film, no peeling or peeling off the phenomenon, Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater Glass also no stone, support pieces placed upright, not loose.

III. The material selection and technology of insulating layer and inner liner

There is a layer of insulating material between the shell and the inner liner of the pressure-free solar water heater, which plays a key role in hot water insulation, and the use of polyurethane as insulation material can reach more than 15 years. The inner liner is the place where hot water is stored, preferably with stainless steel plate, the thickness is about 0.5 millimeters. In short, consumers should choose to import polyurethane, insulation layer thicker water tank.

Four, see Thermal performance Index

The higher the water temperature in the tank, the better the thermal performance, and the better the average daily efficiency, Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater the lower the average heat loss coefficient. The second is to see if the water heater withstand pressure test is qualified, withstand pressure test can not reach the standard easily lead to leakage of water heaters, both waste hot water and can not be used.

Five, see the stent design

The bracket supports the collector and the shelf of the heat preservation tank. Requires a strong structure, high stability, snow-resistant, anti-aging, not rust. The material is generally stainless steel, Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater aluminum alloy or steel spray.

VI. Selection of water tank capacity

General household bath water Minimum: Male 30L, female 40L, if domestic water including kitchen, can be estimated per capita water consumption 40L total; household pressure-free solar water heaters in winter water temperature generally according to 50-60 degree calculation, the conversion of water heater capacity, the actual purchase should be based on the water heater situation to decide.