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Solar Water Heater Industry

China First Solar Electric unit committee chairman, said: Solar water heater industry is initiated from the folk roots of independent industry, has been developed to today's scale, new energy and renewable resource industries has become a national strategy for the seven pillars of the Energy Industry one. Years of full market environment, the formation of the solar thermal industry strong vitality.

For the current solar thermal industry problems, at the appeal: First, we have to take good care of this industry, called for industry colleagues to be really cherish our hard-won market, cherish our hard-developed scientific and technological achievements, and cherish our hard training talent and team, but also to cherish China Household Electrical Appliances Association for us to build a very good platform.

Second, we must win, we have to seek industrial vitality, social win, consumers win, businesses win-win situation. Conduct industry research and communication activities common to carry out international exchanges and further enhance the international competitiveness, encourage enterprises to go, and vigorously explore the international market. Recommended that 12 companies, to stimulate high-tech, enhance trade barriers, to prevent vicious competition. China Household Electrical Appliances Association Professional Committee of Solar Electric can communicate for enterprises to build bridges with the government and businesses, faced with the current situation of the industry, we hope that members participate in and promote the implementation of the standards, and promote product quality improvement as soon as possible. We sincerely look forward to with friends from all sectors, including small and medium sized companies to maximize the development of solar water heaters, solar building integrated, air conditioning, refrigeration and other areas of technology and ideas. www.lqilu.com

Finally, the solar water heater industry is not without standards, but there is no bottom line, this is not only the problem of the industry, or business ethics issues, can not let the industry worked hard for decades, night returned to pre-entrepreneurship. At the same time, stressed that solar energy is nature has given us a common wealth, we should cherish the solar thermal industry rain hard line 30 years ago. In the meantime, numerous scholars, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs whom worked hard. Now, the solar thermal industry has formed a complete research system, has become an indispensable force in the field of new energy. Therefore, th