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Solar Water Heater Focus

For ordinary people, solar water heater technology is too far away from life, those who may not know the professional and technical know, often leading to their purchase of solar water heaters, there will follow suit, blind obedience, with the flow of the situation. In fact, when the purchase of solar water heaters, the first concern is the quality of solar energy pipeline. Sidi Te solar pipeline is used to build precision drilling space tube, which is a world-record technology, pipeline heat preservation capacity of up to 25 years, and heat unabated. Compared to those of ordinary water heaters, the life of the lever is naturally.



Installation of solar water heaters is the choice of many urban residents, in addition to be able to enjoy a more high-end home bath experience at the same time, many smart people know the importance of energy conservation. A high-quality solar water heaters, often able to have excellent insulation effect, and the loss of hot water heat loss rate is very low, loss of small but also able to meet the low-carbon environmental lifestyle ideas. Therefore, Sidi Te naturally become the best choice for the people, both intelligent and integrated energy-saving solar water heaters, up to 100 hours of long-term insulation, at any time to meet the bath needs. Different from the market of ordinary brands of solar water heaters.



Home solar water heaters in the installation process, the firmness of the bracket is a cause for concern. It is understood that ordinary products are mostly non-formal brands, so there may be the use of ordinary iron materials to install solar water heaters, its poor support, as well as the fall of the security risks. However, Sidi Te solar water heaters are not the same, the use of high-speed rails galvanized angle steel bracket, with 13 automatic spray technology strong support, acid and strong corrosion performance significantly, the installation of safe and secure, cautious Layout can eliminate security risks.