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Solar Collectors Are The Key Components Of The PV System

Solar collectors are devices that receive radiant energy from the sun in a solar heating system and transmit heat to the heat-transfer working mass. It is a part of solar thermal utilization system, and it is the key component to determine the performance of solar thermal utilization system.

The production of solar collectors in China accounts for 80% of the world's output, accounting for about 60% of the world's reserves. Solar collectors are a device that transmits heat energy to the heat transfer of the Sun's radiant energy, and therefore, Solar Collector the collector is the key device for the utilization of sunlight. Therefore, the research, development and application of solar collectors are very important to the efficient application of energy resources. 1 types of solar collectors with the vigorous development of the use of the sun, Solar Collector the species of the solar collectors are becoming more diverse. According to the change of the direction of solar radiation entering the daylighting, it is divided into concentrating collector and non concentrating collector. According to the different types of heat transfer working type of collector, it is divided into liquid type collector and air type collector; Solar Collector According to whether the collector is tracking the sun, it is divided into tracking collector and non tracking collector. According to whether there is vacuum space in the collector, Divided into flat-plate collector, vacuum tube-type collector; According to the different working temperature range of collector, it is divided into High-temperature collector (300℃~800℃), Medium temperature Collector (80℃~250℃), Low temperature collector (40℃~80℃). Among them, Solar Collector the most common solar thermal products are two types-flat-panel solar collectors and vacuum tube-type solar collectors.

Solar collectors have been widely used in China, the technology is becoming perfect, the main features are good pressure-bearing, large-scale heat collection system performance stability, Solar Collector building integration degree. At the same time, there are insufficient, such as heat loss, no heat preservation function, the problem of poor frost resistance.