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Solar Collectors Are A Key Component In Determining Solar Energy

The solar collector is a device that transmits solar energy to the heat transfer medium. Therefore, the solar collector is a key device for solar energy utilization. Therefore, the research, development and application of solar collectors are very important for the efficient application of solar energy resources.

Solar collectors are devices that, in the solar heating system, Solar Collector receive radiant energy from the sun and transmit heat to the heat transfer fluid. It is a part of the solar thermal system that is a key component in determining the performance of solar thermal systems.

Classification of solar collectors

With the development of electronic technology, the type of solar collectors more and more diversified. According to whether the direction of solar radiation entering the lighting port is changed, it is divided into a condenser type collector and a non-concentrating type collector. Solar Collector According to the heat transfer type of the collector, it is divided into liquid type collector, air According to whether the collector has a vacuum space, it is divided into a flat type collector and a vacuum tube type collector. According to whether or not the collector is tracking the sun, it is divided into a tracking collector and a non-tracking collector. According to the collector's operating temperature range, divided into high-temperature collector, the temperature collector, low-temperature collector. One of the most common is the solar collectors are divided into flat-type solar collectors and vacuum tube solar collectors.

Flat type solar collectors

Flat type solar collectors are the basic devices of solar low temperature heat utilization. Flat-type solar collectors mainly by the heat-absorbing body, transparent cover, Solar Collector shell and insulation layer and other components.

Flat solar collector is the use of solar radiation through the transparent cover, projected on the heat absorber, most of which solar radiation can be absorbed by the heat absorber and converted into heat, and then heat transfer to the heat of the body Heat transfer working fluid. In this way, the heat transfer material is heated, Solar Collector the temperature gradually increased, as a useful heat collector output. At the same time, due to the temperature rise in the heat-absorbing body, through the transparent cover and the shell to the surrounding environment to lose heat, a flat-type solar collectors of various heat loss.

Vacuum tube type solar collectors

Vacuum tube type solar collector is a flat type solar collector developed on the basis of a new collector device. According to the material classification of the heat absorber, can be divided into glass heat absorber vacuum tube (or all glass vacuum tube) collector and metal heat absorber (glass - metal) vacuum tube collector two categories. Mainly all-glass vacuum tube collector, U-tube vacuum tube collector, heat pipe vacuum tube collector.

All glass vacuum tube collector

All glass vacuum tube collector is a number of all-glass vacuum solar collector tube in accordance with certain rules arranged, and with the reflector, the joint tube and tailstock assembled into a solar collector. All glass vacuum solar collector tube mainly by the inside and outside the glass tube, selective absorption coating, vacuum sandwich, protective cap, getter and other components.