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Photovoltaic Market Crisis

Solar panel manufacturers around the country should seize the Chinese to stimulate domestic demand and support for the "three rural" favorable opportunity to actively develop inland PV Market, the development of domestic photovoltaic engineering and photovoltaic applications, should be of strategic significance sustained, healthy Road development. However, there is enough cash on hand of business, the acquisition of a number of companies falling prices of photovoltaic enterprises, especially upstream and photovoltaic test line, and perhaps a rare opportunity for overseas acquisitions.

Generally consists of a solar PV companies in most end markets in Europe and the United States developed, multi-product sales in euros and US dollars. With the current sharp depreciation of the euro and the dollar, the real return is reflected in the emergence of Chinese PV companies lost continent. 15% in euro terms, even in the European market, the price of solar cells and modules is not reduced, it means that PV companies in the hands of the euro depreciated by about 15%. In such a grim situation, study and strategic change, folded fist, concentrating on management and innovation, foster Gree solar core competitiveness of enterprises have promising.

Although the US $ 700 billion financial rescue plan, coupled with the rescue of American International Group, $ 85 billion, with the US government to rescue the "two rooms" of $ 200 billion, taking into account the future or will the introduction of more and more large-scale bailout measures, which will undoubtedly increase the amount of future government deficits the United States of America, and thus lead to a deeper level the dollar fell, and the impact of the devaluation of the euro.