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No Pressure Solar Water Heater Use Skills

No pressure solar water heater is the solar energy into heat, the water from low temperature to high temperature, to meet people in life, the production of hot water use.

Use pressureless solar water heater precautions

1, when the bath is not pressure solar water heater in the water has been used, and people have not rinsed, you can cold water on a few minutes, the use of cold water sinking, hot water floating principle, Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater the vacuum tube hot water out, Can take a bath.

2, according to the weather forecast to determine the amount of water, you can get more satisfied with the water temperature, if the sunny day can be full of water; cloudy or cloudy is the first half of the water; rain to retain the original water is not cold water.

3, the evening bath, water heater, there are half of the water tank nearly 70 degrees of hot water, in order to prevent the heat lost too large (the amount of water lost less heat faster) also according to the water temperature weather forecast. Tomorrow sunny day, Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater full of water; rainy day 2/3 of the water.

4, hot and cold water adjustment: water heater water temperature adjustment steps: first open the cold water valve, the appropriate adjustment of cold water flow, and then open the hot water valve adjustment, Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater until the required bath temperature. In addition, according to the experience according to weather conditions to determine the amount of cold water, pay attention to the nozzle do not toward the human body, to avoid burns.

5, wind measures: no pressure solar water heater parts connected to reliable, wind performance depends mainly on its fixed installation.

6, Ho extended life: In order to extend the life of non-pressure solar water heater, the user should pay attention to the use of the process: water heater installed fixed, the non-professionals do not easily move, unloading, so as not to damage the key components; Debris, to eliminate the impact of the vacuum tube impact; regularly check the exhaust hole, to ensure smooth, so as not to shrink bad or pumping deflated tank; Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater regular cleaning vacuum tube, careful not to touch the bottom of the vacuum tube tip; Solar water heaters should pay special attention to the water, to prevent dry dry.

7, the winter pressureless solar water heater use skills: the temperature is too low (5 - 7 ℃) circumstances that night after the water, if the water tank there are hot water, should immediately pressureless solar water heater on the water, reduce the water temperature inside the tank The night heat loss, make full use of heat; if the temperature is low, should be tomorrow morning water, in order to facilitate the water heater outlet pipe antifreeze.