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Compact Solar Water Heaters Improve The Thermal Efficiency Of The Collector

The compact solar water heater can realize the heating effect in the field of solar heat utilization. This product is based on the high industrialization of solar thermal industry, the traditional compact water heater prototype, through a special internal structure of the design, so that the traditional compact domestic solar water heaters not only produce hot water, Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater but also to achieve the function of heating, so that rural, remote mountainous areas can enjoy the warmth of the sun. So as to achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction.

Compact Solar water Heater features:

1. Look, like the ordinary compact household solar water heaters, the water tank and the vacuum tube are the conjoined direct-inserting type, all have the common glass evacuated heat pipe Solar water heater installation condition position and the technical ability all may install, Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater only must to some specially needs the attention aspect to prompt and the training, can realize the standard installment, Facilitate late maintenance.

2. Compared with other heat collector (box modules) which rely on the whole glass vacuum collector tube, there is no problem of air drying during the non heating period, Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater and the system performance and life are more excellent.

3. The use of thermal insulation sealed silica gel ring, greatly enhance the insulation effect of the water tank, and avoid the detonation tube, running more secure.

4. The water tank introduced the patented "bus" technology structure, so that the horizontal storage hot water tank (height difference small) in the heating cycle, gently converge to the outlet to the end of the radiator heating.

5. The water tank introduced a patented "water injection" technical structure, Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater so that the heating water backwater or water will be used in the heat pipe in a slow roof, that is, the hot water of the replacement collector tube, and the cold water into the collector tube, not only greatly improves the collector heat efficiency of the collector, but also avoids the disturbance of the water medium of the storage hot water tank and improves the heat release efficiency of the regenerator.

The collector and the hot water tank, which is composed of heat pipe and water storage tank, are independent of each other, but the hot water storage tank is directly installed on the solar collector or the adjacent position of solar collector system, called compact solar water heater. Compact solar water heaters, Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater connecting pipes and their controllers form a compact household solar hot water system. If the system's water storage tank is open with atmospheric air vents or ventilation tubes, Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater it is called an open compact household solar water heating system. Since the system is open, the water storage tank is not pressurized.

Compact solar water heaters are commonly used in two forms: a vacuum solar collector tube directly into the storage hot water tank, also known as the monolithic vacuum tube solar water heaters; The other is that the hot water tank is mounted above the flat solar collector and is close to the plate solar heat collector.