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Compact Solar Water Heater With Application Prospects

Compact solar water heater is a light and heat converter, different from the traditional natural use, such as drying, lighting.

Compact solar water heaters are usually composed of heaters, insulated storage tanks, connecting pipes, brackets and control systems. According to the use of classification, Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater can be divided into seasonal water heaters, annual water heaters and auxiliary heat source all-weather compact solar water heater. According to the principle and structure of the collector can be divided into flat water heater and vacuum tube water heater. According to the flow of different ways, generally divided into boring type, Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater circulation and DC type three.

Solar collectors are compact solar water heaters to receive solar energy and convert to the core components of thermal energy and technology key, the cost of about half of the total cost of compact solar water heaters around. Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater Glass tube type compact solar water heater according to the different heat medium can be divided into all-glass vacuum tube collector and heat pipe vacuum tube (glass metal combination) collector two. Their main key components are vacuum sumps or heat pipe vacuum collectors.

At present, the most popular all-glass vacuum tube like a stretched thermos bottle, by two tubes concentric round glass tube by vacuum. All glass vacuum tube material, technology and structure is simple, reliable, and has great application prospects. With the vacuum tube heat, Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater to promote the tube water temperature is higher than the water tank temperature, because the hot water than the cold water, the formation of convection, and ultimately the temperature in the tank to reach the required temperature.

Vacuum tube is the core of a compact solar water heater, his structure is like a stretched warm bottle of gallbladder, between the inner and outer layers of vacuum. Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater In the glass tube on the surface of the use of special technology coated with spectral selective absorption coating, used to maximize the absorption of solar radiation energy. After exposure to sunlight, photon impact coating, solar energy into heat, water from the coating outside the endothermic, water temperature increases, the density decreases, Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater hot water upward movement, and the proportion of large cold water down. Hot water is always in the upper part, the water tank. Compact solar water heaters in the hot water temperature and the external temperature is not much, mainly depends on the light. When you open the kitchen or any of the bath faucet, the water heater within the hot water will rely on natural drop out, the greater the drop, the higher the water pressure.