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Combined Household Solar Water Heaters And Engineering

China's "photothermal demonstration" is not just a few installation of solar water heaters, solar photovoltaic panels installed a few, should be based on the actual technical characteristics and particularities of solar thermal products and the implementation of the local situation, "photothermal demonstration" and avoid blindness Nor should it engage in formalism. The purpose of the Government to implement "photothermal demonstration" is to achieve energy conservation, is to promote the use of renewable energy sources, therefore, selected photothermal demonstration projects should have to identify the role, having a promotion, you can copy the role. Mandatory installation of solar water heaters is wrong, and scientific, standardized central heating installation and use of solar energy devices, as well as in rural areas to promote solar water heater should give policy support and encouragement, thereby continuously improve energy conservation and renewable energy share of Use improve farmers' lives.

Truly in the city to promote more light and heat Another product is "solar central heating system." "Solar central heating system" is developed on the basis of solar water heaters on the technology, although it also belongs to the low temperature solar thermal products, but it is designed from the start sought to meet the construction requirements and building codes, and therefore has developed rapidly in recent years, . Our policies should be based on solar thermal product characteristics and application objects. China "photothermal demonstration project" everywhere, many local governments pushing solar energy demonstration projects, buildings and even mandatory installation and use of solar water heaters, solar water heaters, as early as 2009 was also included in the "home appliances to the countryside" policy in the.