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Solar power generation can solve shortage

Last year, leading to power shortages have been very vulnerable part of the private economy pressure doubled, closure, closure of quite serious. For a time, energy has become a crucial aspect of limiting regional economic development. "The third quarter in five provinces south electricity situation will arise tensions double electric power shortage, the maximum gap of up to 12 million kilowatts, the overall shortage will exceed 8%, approaching the power shortage in some areas more than 20%." China Southern Power Grid official so press release warning. Southern Power Grid Company, said, "If the coal storage runoff lower than expected, the power gap may further increase." Shortage not only came early this year, will be more fierce, frequent power cuts throughout, especially a few large coastal province electricity . Moreover, since March, China's power shortage and more also appeared off-season phenomenon, visible electricity severity of the situation. The above is a description of the scene last year.

Although the country has also accelerated the approval rate of thermal power, in order to ease the supply pressure, but by the traditional thermal power resources, environmental protection and other conditions, the development has been quite limited. In such a context, the development of new energy sources has become the best way to solve the energy problem.

So along with the growing energy crisis, the national energy saving pressure gradually increased in recent years, many governments have introduced measures to promote the development and utilization of new energy