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Solar industry foundation obvious advantages

Solar basis obvious advantages, they have a good basis for other emerging energy industry does not have. Following the power Norit first to achieve 150 ℃ temperature collector technology breakthrough in international, its solar air conditioning and refrigeration technology, solar thermal systems technology industrial temperature have come out and matured.

According to statistics, China's annual total of 20 million kilowatts of electrical equipment designed for air-conditioning service, only 10% of its utilization. The Norit solar air conditioning systems for large public buildings and villas, just ordinary air can solve the short-term peak usage and energy consumption is relatively small contradictions, effectively alleviate the problem of power shortage in summer due to air conditioning and refrigeration caused. The Norit solar thermal systems in the industrial temperature can be realized textile, paper, printing, and other eight industries boiler thermal desalination system has at least 10% energy alternatives, and if the country if the boiler can be combined with solar energy, according to 10% of solar energy to provide computing a year to save about 40 million tons of coal, about 80 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, energy saving effect is very impressive.