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Solar energy collector

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A collector with high efficiency consists of a collection and absorption device. The sunlight is made up of visible and invisible light at different wavelengths. The absorption and reflection of light in different wavelengths and different colors are different. The black color has the strongest ability to absorb the sun, so the cotton clothes usually use dark or black cloth. White has the strongest ability to reflect the sun, so most of the shirts in the summer are pale or white. So it can be heated with black color. Let the parallel sunlight gather on a point, a line, or a small area through a focusing lens, and can also achieve the purpose of collecting heat. The paper is irradiated by the sun, no matter how strong the sun is, even in the hot summer, it will not be lighted by the sun. But if the collector is used and the sun is gathered on the paper, the paper can be ignited. The collector can be divided into several types, such as plate collector, spotlight collector and plane reflector.

The plate collector is generally used in solar water heaters. The concentrator can make the sunlight focus high, and the focus can be point or line. It is used for heating and heating of solar power plants, houses, air conditioners, solar cookers, etc. According to the condenser structure "Fresnel lens," parabolic mirror and heliostat.

The plane reflector is used for the solar tower type power generation, with tracking equipment, and is generally used with the parabolic mirror. The plane mirror reflects the sunlight on the parabolic mirror, and the paraboloid mirror focuses it.