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In SIDITE, photovoltaic into the home, feel the new green energy

In today's society, the rapid economic development, edifice row upon row of asphalt road, endless flow, endless traffic. But the ensuing environmental problems are becoming more and more serious. For example: global warming, dust storm, fog and haze weather... In addition, the trend of energy shortage is becoming more and more obvious. So, so, so, we are in urgent need of clean new energy.

For example, the solar energy you have to contact almost every moment. It is estimated that the solar energy for 1 hours on the earth can meet the global 1 years of electricity consumption, which is inexhaustible.

There are two main aspects of the utilization of solar energy:

1. Heat utilization;

2, electric use.

The so-called heat utilization is to use solar energy collector to collect solar radiation and convert it into heat through the interaction with material. For example: solar water hot water system. Stedt has been engaged in the industry for 16 years, and has made good achievements in this field. For example, Nanchang University swimming pool hot water project, the Jiaxing swimming pool hot water project, the Haining swimming pool hot water project... To this end, we are well known as "experts in solar swimming pool" by the industry.  


 Hot water project in the swimming pool of  Nanchang University

Haining swimming pool hot water project

The so-called electricity utilization, the main thing to say here is the photovoltaic power generation. Photovoltaic power generation: using solar photovoltaic cells to convert solar radiation directly into electrical energy. Distributed photovoltaic power generation: near the user site, the mode of operation is mainly based on the user side's self use, the surplus electricity is online, and the photovoltaic power generation facility characterized by the balance regulation of the distribution system. In simple terms, it is the use of the roof of the user, the factory building or the nearby space to build photovoltaic power.

 SIDITE formally entered the field of household photovoltaic in 2016. For this reason, our company set up a team of electrical, structural, project construction, operation and maintenance, sales and customer. The main target customer groups are: enterprise users, family users. 16 years of brand enterprises, 25 years of income security. Our company provides one-stop service for customers: project consultation, scheme design, system equipment, engineering installation, inspection and maintenance, and network support to after-sales service. 


             Jiaxing Sustainable Development Park

    Phoenix Bridge auspicious Garden

Yield of photovoltaic power generation: state subsidy + provincial subsidy + two level subsidy + spontaneous self use + surplus electricity

On the roof of the bank, the sun will be able to make money, to SIDITE, into the PV home, feel the new green energy.



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