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How to install solar water heater market consolidation

Solar water heaters to today, technology has matured, the solar water heater is also recognized as the most energy efficient products, but also has some economic value. However, the market as a result of factors such as the installation is not standardized, making solar water heaters have been labeled "can not", "good use" label, which is the image of the solar industry have had a certain impact, but also to some extent, restricted the industry development of.

  Industry sources believe that, although some local governments, the mandatory installation of solar energy policy, but the implementation has not put a match to make the mandatory installation standards, resulting in a short-lived solar water heater works.

From a technical level, the China's solar thermal technology in a leading position compared to electric and solar water heaters, gas water heaters, safer, green, energy saving. However, due to the standard installation of solar water heaters mandatory implementation of non-existent, the solar water heater project quality worrying.

Installation of solar water heaters mandatory provisions are enacted a few years ago, the general direction is right, but the regulations and standards are not very small, due to lack of standards, resulting in the development of product standards and industry and the promotion of speed does not match, resulting in the construction of solar water heater works quality is a problem.